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Debt Management

Debt and Cash Management Strategy

Created : 18.07.2017. Updated: 21.05.2024.

The Law on Budget and Financial Management stipulates that the Minister of Finance on behalf of the state can make borrowings in the amount specified in the annual budget law for purposes of financing the state budget deficit, refinancing the state debt and for the purposes which are specified in the state budget law.

The Minister of Finance within the cash management can invest temporarily available funds that are located in the Treasury's of the Republic of Latvia accounts in fixed income securities or deposits, as well as in other assets, terminate such investments to ensure the execution of the state budget and use derivatives.

The Treasury of the Republic of Latvia according to the authorization from the Minister of Finance is managing the state borrowing and cash management activities, ensuring the management of public debt, liquidity and cash according to Minister’s of Finance approved the Central Government Debt and Cash Management Strategy.